Sunday, 1 June 2014

A New Programme - the June Cusp Notes

Welcome to the - mercifully temporary - Green Wizard Weight Loss Challenge Blog. 

Yesterday, Friday 30th May, I wrote this.

Losing Two and a Half Stones

This blog follows on from that. It will end on September the First and the blog posts will refresh each Saturday morning throughout the summer.

I'm going to publicise it every so often purely because I need the motivation from the fear of embarrassing myself in order to succeed. 

I also want to help others who are struggling with weight loss and am a massive believer in group support, particularly on the Net.

Support Group Leader from Breaking Bad

It's the Weightwatchers Principle. I would join Weightwatchers, but there are two problems:

a) It's too female - I already attend two all-female Spin - sorry, Active Cycle classes - and I feel awkward. I don't need another dose of awkward in my life.

b) This is fitness oriented rather than diet. I am going to be carrying out a calorie controlled diet - I list the basic rules on the Link.


So without further fuss here's instalment one and two. Activities, diet and key observations.

Start weight 14st 12lbs
Body Fat Percentage 37%
Obesity Rating 44%*

Day One: Friday 30th May

Activity: AM: A new programme was agreed with Lee at the Leisure Centre. A combination of weights and cardio taking one hour. I engaged in an hour's orientation.

New programme: 5mins rowing. Assisted dip/leg press sets. 5mins cycle. Leg extension/seated row sets. Cycle. Chest press (free weights). Cycle. X-Trainer/Interval warm down.

In the evening, I expended 800 calories on the X-Trainer and 200 on the Treadmill.

Total: 1000

Diet: Rabbit food.

Home cooked stuff in the slow cooker.

Mood rating: 7/10. Not feeling too bad today. Keyword: Determined.

Leisure centre TV: SKY News. The One Show (with an excellent young people's flash fiction challenge), and England Vs Peru Punditry (left before kick off).

Next weigh-in date: Thursday 12th June

Day Two: Saturday 31st May

Activity: AM: 45 minutes X Trainer = 600 calories
                           15 minutes  Interval Sprints  = 200 calories

Distance travelled: 10k
Calories expended: 800
Running total: 1800

Mood rating: 7/10. Stomach fine. Keyword: Optimistic

Leisure centre TV: Saturday Kitchen. Murder She Wrote with David Soul and Margot Kidder. Boy missing in Malaysian Jungle on Sky News.

Next weigh-in date: Thursday 12th June

Day Three: Sunday 1st June

Activity: Approximately 6 mile run. Westgate, down past the Minster, down Church Street, past the BP garage, down Racecourse Road, past Southwell Racecourse, across past Trent Valley ECF and up Fiskerton Road back into Southwell.

Took one hour. Sunny conditions. Flagged between the Racecourse and Fiskerton Tip.

Sitting here munching grapes. Yum.

Mood rating: 5/10. Stomach fine. Keywords: So-So

Gym tonight to carry out the new programme and have an hour in the sauna.

Lunch? Rabbit food. Not yum. Nairns Oatcakes for snacks.

I think I have just eaten the healthiest lunch of all time, certainly of my lifetime.

Six Nairns Oaty crackers.
Three slices of Leerdammer Light Cheese
Ten red grapes - like giving your tastebuds a massage
Two easy peel satsumas.

After eating that sumptuous feast, I feel like invading France.

PM: 7pm session at the gym. Mixed cardio/weights session - the Lee Programme. Weight sets interspersed with active cycle and x-trainer. Heart rate constant at 111.

Sauna for an hour. All the usual Sunday Night Mob were there. A lady in a bikini joined us. She was convalescing and exercising her right leg after her horse snapped it in three places. Her leg was so supernaturally disjointed - her shinbone was at right angles to her knee on the anatomically impossible plane - the air ambulance was unable to fit her through the port doors. 

Her agony, she said, was like nothing she had ever experienced. 

Other topics discussed in the sauna included whether the fondling of ginormous bull testicles on BBC's Countryfile could be classed as pornographic, Ribena Light, Southwell's best runs, Taurine content in energy drinks, Breaking Bad, Poundland,  Japanese torture techniques of WWII, the imminent closure of the Grove, slow swimmers in fast lanes, whether Catchphrase has declined since the replacing of Roy Walker with a cheerful, but anonymous, non-entity, and colourful species of ducks.

Food:  Slow cooked lamb with Mediterranean vegetable medley. Satsumas. Four red grapes. Water.

Mood Rating: 7/10  Keyword: Cheerful

Day Four: Monday 2nd June

AM: 45 minutes x Trainer
         15 minutes Treadmill (Interval - inc 3 one minute sprints)

TV: Tameside Council Environmental Health Reality Show about dirty restaurants - you would never eat out again.

Hot shower. Shave. The Wizard does not use product.

Out for rest of the day - Nottingham Greyhounds tonight.

Westmead Hawk 2006 Derby win
(I was there!) RIP The Hawk

Food:  Three Satsumas and six Oaty biscuits.Peppermint tea - two mugs, no milk or sugar.

Twinge: Lower back after sprints. Discomfort lasted an hour.

Mood Rating: 8/10  Keyword: Chilled

Day Five: Tuesday 3rd June

AM: 45 minutes x Trainer
         15 minutes Treadmill (Interval - inc 3 one minute sprints)

10k travelled. 800 Calories expended.

TV: BBC and ITV News. Bog standard bulletins from the Hegemonic Process (Antonio Gramsci). Loads of great sounds on the cans.

Food:  Several Pork Mango and Chilli sausages and two slices of for breakfast. Oaty biscuits. Three Go Ahead Yoghurt bars in afternoon. Two litres of water. 

Two pints of Stowford Cider with AMB in TFW (family conference/excuse for beer). Refused any peanuts.

Mood Rating: 8/10  Keywords: Proud of myself for the 7am trip out.

Day Six: Wednesday 4th June

Rest day. No exercise. Chinese buffet with son - kept anything battered to a minimum and used small plates. Lots of veg. Two satsumas and hot Vimto from 4pm. 

Missed the exercise to be honest, but so many people say that work is the assassin of fitness routines (and good intentions).


Day Seven: Thursday 5th June

Long and tiring day.  Feeling the impact of zero exercise yesterday and the chinese buffet. Listless and emotionally drained. Several pieces of disappointing news and more work to do for when i arrive home. Cancelled my weekly drink with my great friend Clive. Managed to fit in an hour at the gym - a necessity.

PM 45 minutes X-Trainer. 7.7k 551 calories
        15 minutes treadmill interval training (3 levels) 2.5k 250 calories

Mood Rating: 4/10  Keyword: Despondent



  1. I will be following your progress Mark - very impressed with your exercise regime already!

  2. Wow, you have done great and achieved so much in the week. Keep going, you will reach your goal! I am joining you for support and have not eaten cakes or biscuits (nor chocolate but don't really eat that anyway) for a week and have also given up my nightly glass of red-grape juice! But I think you have certainly accomplished far me than I have - proud of you Mark. n x

  3. Don't be despondent Mark, hope you're having a better day today :-) You're doing really well - I on the other hand am not - exercise not going too badly but food? (hangs head in shame) and in the famous works of Shakira "the hips don't lie"!! Hope that brings you a smile!! You're doing really well - Onwards and upwards :-) Gx