Sunday, 3 August 2014

Glorious Goodwood Week - Retrofitted

I've been busy all week. Each year, I take a week off to watch Glorious Goodwood and this year proved no exception. I have kept up the challenge, but didn't have time to record it. Here's the retro.

Every time I mention the words weights session, please picture a man yawning in abject boredom.

Day Fifty One: Tuesday 29th July

AM: Weights session. 

PM: Cycled to Newark and back (18.5 miles) (Racecourse route)

Day Fifty Two: Wednesday 30th July

AM: Treadmill and X Trainer. 1 hour. 800 calories expended. Interval training.

PM: Cycled to Newark and back (16miles) (As above)

Day Fifty Three: Thursday 31st July

AM: Farnsfield run along nature trail. Plus the run to and from the trail - approximately 12 miles. Two hours.

Day Fifty Four: Friday 1st August

AM: Rest and recovery day

Day Fifty Five: Saturday 2nd August

AM: 8k X-Trainer and Treadmill

PM: Cycle to Newark and back. The return journey was one of the best cycle rides I have ever had. Perfect conditions for it too. Absolutely flew, even on my trundler. If I had a decent bike, it would have been something special.

Day Fifty Six: Sunday 3rd August

AM: Six Hills run. Approximately four and half miles from Southwell to Thurgarton. Then back again. I may run up to Brackenhurst the back way - or I may not. I used to cane this run back in early 2012 - lets hope I get the same vibe today.

(Did it. Tough old run. Now time for another cycle to Newark.)

PM: In the end, I cycled to Bilsthorpe and back down the Trail. 15 mile round trip, followed by half an hour in the sauna.

Day Fifty Seven: Monday 4th August

Decided to cycle to Nottingham and back. I travelled there down through Lowdham and BJ, turning up through Westdale Lane. That was like cycling up the Matterhorn. It took me an hour and forty minutes to get to Sherwood for my meeting, but twenty minutes of that were spent up Westdale - a nightmare.

Cycled back up Mansfield Road, toward Doncaster, down to Oxton and up along the Oxton Road to Southwell. It's approximately thirty four miles in all. Beautiful sunshine.

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