Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday 25th July Five Weeks To Go...

Day Forty Six: Thursday 24th July (cont)

AM: Weight Training. 

Yay. :-(

I managed thirty minutes before the boredom got to me. Some people love weights. You see them in there, happy as clams. They love it - its almost social for them - but I just can't see it. Next weights? Sunday evening before social sauna.

PM: Spinning. 17 girls and me. I managed to keep up for 45 minutes - a punishing, whole body, super stamina session. Followed it up with thirty minutes in the sauna. Terrific feeling afterwards...

Here's another run out for the sauna sketch, from underrated, where-are-they-now sketch show comedians Hale and Pace. 

Love it...

Day Forty Seven: Friday 25th

AM: X-Trainer/Treadmill. Approximately 1000 calories expended. Great sprint finish and an easy 26 minute 5k. Not fast, I know, but faster than I am used to.

Day Forty Eight: Saturday 26th
Day Forty Nine: Sunday 27th

Rest days. I did manage the sauna last night, but I was so hungover following the Halifax day out that I was incapable of moving for most of the day. So that's a rare two rest days.

Day Fifty: Monday 28th

I celebrated the half century with a seven miler, down past the racecourse, round Rolleston, down the banks of the Trent and up past Fiskerton station into Southwell. A warm day and I did it in good time, possibly the fastest run I have achieved? I don't know - it felt good. My head and stomach are still ropey.


  1. You have quite made my morning Mark! Loved the Hale and Pace sketch - made me roar with laughter!! No wonder you enjoy your 'social sauna's' - wonder where Hale and Pace are now - used to love watching them :-)

  2. I loved Hale and Pace - really underrated comedy, Georgia - that's my favourite sketch: I absolutely love it ha ha. Our saunas aren't quite the same though ha ha :D Mark