Monday, 7 July 2014

July 8th - Resumption

Day Twenty Eight : Sunday 6th July 2014

It's not that I lay about last week, watching my videos of Zenyatta, Frankel, Dancing Brave, Zilzal, Giant's Causeway etc, while smoking fat ones and eating pepperoni stuffed crust pizza. 

Actually, with a friend, I walked 30 miles and did two 11k X-Trainer/Treadmill sessions. I was pretty active in hindsight.

However, I ate like a bar steward, including a giant Toby Carvery and - if it were possible - an even bigger kebab. A kebab the size of a cat's surfboard stuffed with everything they tell you not to eat including chips. Incredibly, two fat onion bhajis found their way onto my overflowing plate, like two little kids scared of the dark creeping into mum and dad's bad at night.

So, I decided to bail out the challenge for a week. I started again last night with another 12.5 k cardio session while watching Countryfile*, followed by an hour in the sauna. 

And tonight...

Day Twenty Nine : Monday 7th July 2014

 I did the same thing on the X-Trainer and Treadmill while attempting to avoid Corro and East Enders. So that's 24k and about 2000 calories. I am going to do this.


I successfully packed in smoking.
I successfully rid myself of the biggest cancerous influence on my life ever in 2002/3
I successfully stopped seriously drinking in 2007.
I will definitely reach the 13st 8lb mark by September 1st.
I am completely determined to do so and will reach it even if I have to starve myself like some sixth century Benedictine Monk before the visit of the Holy Roman Emperor. You just watch me.

                           Mantra Over

Tomorrow morning: weights (yawn - might go for a run up the trail).

Day Thirty : Tuesday 8th July 2014

PM: 12.5k on X-Trainer and treadmill. Approximately 1000 calories expended.

Day Thirty One : Wednesday 9th July 2014

Rest day. Went to see Transformers with Mattster and followed it up with a huge buffet at the May Sum.

Day Thirty Two : Thursday 10th July 2014

AM: Train run. Probably 7 miles. I need to map that and count it but I am struggling as the trail is a natural formation rather than a road. A tough start, but completed.

Day Thirty Three : Friday 11th July 2014
Day Thirty Four: Saturday 12th July 2014

Friday: Orgy of drinking first with James Walker of Left Lion discussing books, literature and the whole gamut outside the Orange Tree in Notts. I was planning on going to the gym and sauna in the evening, but some evenings are just too good  to pass up. I didn't eat.

Saturday: York Races with the Notts lot. Limitless beer and no exercise. Not a problem as I had planned this well in advance and stayed off the grub too. I don't have an issue with beer bellies so if I drank like I did in 2004/2005, I would be twelve stone because I just don't do the double: I drink or eat.

Day Thirty Five: Sunday 13th July 2014

Hangover which would fell a moose. 

AM:First cycle of the year to my mother's place in Radcliffe. 28 miles, an hour each way.

PM: Gym and sauna. I quite enjoyed weight training tonight. Not something I can always say.

Day Thirty Six: Monday 14th July 2014

PM: 10k x-trainer and Interval session on the treadmill. Tried the sauna but felt sick and left before I puked on the coals, which is far worse than the usual Eucalyptus oils spread upon there.

Day Thirty Seven: Tuesday 15th July 2014

Afternoon: Cycle to Newark and back. Approximately sixteen miles.

Day Thirty Eight: Wednesday 16th July 2014

Ran the longest distance since the Worksop Marathon. 12 miles (ish). 

Down the Trail all the way to Farnsfield, which is about 6.1 miles. Then down towards the back of Farnsfield Village and back to Southwell, on the Mansfield Road, past Edingley and Halam. It was a scorching day. By the time I reached Halam on the homeward leg, I was inverting the laws of space and time by running backwards, such was the pinnacle of sloth I achieved. When faced with Halam Hill (a horror), I could not face it and that was the end of the run, though I did attempt some sprints on the backend near the old Council Estate. 

I did not take on enough water and spent the next day ill.

Day Thirty Nine: Thursday 17th July 2014

AM: Light weight session. Could hardly move my legs. was going to cycle to Mum's, but there was no chance of that.

Day Forty: Friday 18th July 2014

AM: 10k treadmill/x-trainer. Hit 153 heart rate on the treadmill at 14.3 km/h. Too my knowledge, I have never achieved that before. It's the fourth best work rate setting the machine records.

I'm getting there. :-)


  1. Great to get to enjoy Zenyatta again (and yes I am avoiding work...) anyway good to see you back on track Mark. I'm not much of a kebab fan and had no idea you could get them with chips in as well - shocking! All the best for the rest of the week - happy spinning! Gx

  2. You would have struggled with the kebab, Georgia. it had everything but the kitchen sink inside :D. I used to eat a large na'an kebab with three pieces of fried chicken and a large portion of chips on top, but that was before my stomach cried enough in 2007. I love Zenyatta. I still cannot believe Mike Smith managed to get her beat the year after. That quickening burst was just incredible - and they were no fools she beat either. Glad you enjoyed the Zenyatta memory. Have a cracking week! Mark